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Devyn Mullins Kearney & Company Intern Journal

The First Steps: My Internship at Kearney & Company by Devyn Mullins

A New Beginning– 07/17/19

During my first few weeks of my internship, I realized Kearney & Company was unique. When I think about Kearney and compare it to other places I’ve worked at, Kearney has a great work ethic and an even better work culture. From the beginning I could tell Kearney cared about its employees by being constantly introduced to new people to being shown how many resources we had to help us succeed. My personal favorite aspect is how I wasn’t just a “coffee run designee,” I was given real work. However, with that real work came real challenges, and Kearney employees were there to help every step of the way. From my team to my mentor, everyone was willing to help and answer any question I had. I really felt like I could succeed at any challenge I faced. 

To me my biggest challenged I’ve faced and conquered would be learning about database management. Recently I was given a research task and I needed to document certain processes in a database. In order to do that, I had to learn very quickly what Standard Query Language (SQL) was. SQL is a scripting language that only codes for queries in a database. Without the help of my team I wouldn’t have been able to complete my research.

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