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Enterprise Risk Management

As an industry leader in providing specialized Government financial consulting services, Kearney understands the environment in which Federal agencies operate.

This understanding is key to effectively and efficiently implementing OMB Circular A-123, “Management’s Responsibility for Enterprise Risk Management and Internal Control.” Whether the objective is program-, reporting-, or compliance-related, an Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) program must be well integrated, involving key components and activities that enhance an agency’s ability to manage entity-wide risks and accomplish their mission and strategic objectives.

Kearney’s phased approach to implementing an enterprise risk management model at Federal agencies is illustrated to the right:

Our ERM approach is consistent with OMB’s recommended “Maturity Model Approach,” and implementation of ERM is an evolutionary process. While meaningful risk management may take time, we believe there are areas where agencies can achieve “quick wins”—beginning with the ERM implementation process—to improve risk management capabilities in the long run.

“Quick win” areas in which Kearney can provide assistance include:

  • Establishing and aligning leadership and governance

  • Assessing compliance with GAO internal control and COSO ERM standards

  • Integrating independent risk management activities

  • Integrating independent internal control activities.