Kearney & Company provides a variety of financial services to the Federal Government, including financial statement audits, IT audits, and various consulting services. For more information regarding what services we offer, click here.


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Career Path & Workforce Development

To assist you in developing an effective workforce, Kearney helps your agency develop and implement multiple competency-based career path guides that define the skills, abilities, training, education, and experience each employee needs to excel and grow within your agency’s organizational structure.

Our objective is to assist you in attracting, training, developing, retaining and promoting the best and brightest personnel, and assimilating them into a cohesive workforce capable of supporting your agency’s mission, goals and objectives.  Our career paths integrate the individual capabilities needed to implement your agency’s strategic vision, and—through education, training, and experience—produce skilled, knowledgeable, and competent employees who can apply the best tools, techniques, and procedures to create an effective, capable workforce. 

In our experience, personnel are more engaged and productive when they understand that the agency is concerned about their individual growth and provides a mechanism for each employee to attain their career goals.  Our competency-based career path guides provide the roadmap your employees need to understand how they can attain individual career objectives, while also assisting you in developing the workforce needed to support your agency’s mission.