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Healthcare Audit

Kearney’s healthcare services consist of audits, examinations, Agreed-Upon Procedures (AUP), performance audits, and assessments. We also assist with operational efficiencies, effectiveness, and compliance, as well as with fraud prevention.

Kearney uses data to continuously assess risks and controls, as well as identify areas for operational improvement. These elements focus efforts on the root cause of inefficiencies in operations, ineffective services, and noncompliance with laws and regulations. We support our assurance services through a standard, repeatable approach using predefined toolsets we have developed from our 15+ years performing these services in the healthcare environment.

Kearney’s healthcare assurance services bring structure to the assurance process for audits, examinations, AUPs, or assessments. Based on customer needs, we tailor the Corrective Action Phase to implement corrections or follow up on potentially fraudulent activity. Kearney’s healthcare assurance practice covers the breadth of healthcare program reviews and providers audits, including: Medicare Advantage, Prescription Drugs, Medical Claims, Internal Controls, Data Analysis, and Appeals Support.