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Diversity & Inclusion

Fostering Diversity

A Message from Ed Kearney:



“Kearney & Company was established in 1985 with solid core values, ethics, and focus on diversity as its foundational pillars – centered on each individual Team Member, their families, and the community. We celebrate and promote a progressive and inclusive work environment for our team, our clients, and beyond. I expect and hold our leaders and managers accountable to always act ethically, be empathetic, and to have integrity in their professional and personal lives.  


Kearney is committed to being the best in all that we do. Our work is the highest quality simply because our people believe in excellence. Diversity, across the firm, is the key to our successful growth over many years, our unique Kearney culture, and keeping true to our core family values. We empower our people to bring fresh ideas, different perspective, and innovative strategies to the table. Our distinctive culture is seen and experienced through our offerings, such as:


An open-door philosophy

  • Building trust, allowing for transparency, and promoting interactive, real-time feedback.

Organic Growth

  • Opportunities for our Team Members and clients to grow within and foster genuine relationships.

Culture of caring for and nurturing total wellness

  • Free and discounted programs and benefits to support critical needs experienced in the journey of life and family.

Focus on the importance of continuous and lifelong learning

  • Development and professional growth education and programs are offered in all stages of Team Members’ careers including mentoring and coaching resources.

Appreciation and acknowledgement of Team Member’s professional and personal accomplishments and milestones

  • Rewards and recognition for individuals and teams across the Firm.

Philanthropic mindset and commitment to giving back to local, National, and international communities

  • Team members lead the Company Community Service Committee, creating and guiding a majority of companywide community efforts.

Valuing of education and advocating for diversity

  • We prioritize listening, learning, sharing, and moving the needle over time.

Delivery of the best, most consistent, personable and innovative customer service to our clients

  • Providing the best work and product to all of our clients while building meaningful relationships with them along the way is paramount to our success.”

Ed Kearney, our founder and CEO, believes we are a “Best Place to Work” because of the talented and unique individuals who are part of Kearney.