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Kearney & Company’s COVID-19 EMERGENCY RESPONSE SOLUTIONS for Federal Agencies

COVID-19 Emergency Response Solutions For Federal Agencies

Day in and day out, Federal agencies rely on their data to make efficient and effective decisions. During the COVID-19 pandemic, decisions get even tougher. Federal agencies need data faster, as well as the people and tools to assist with making smarter decisions and solving complex mission problems.

Kearney helps our clients take advantage of data-driven decision-making tools and get them into the hands of the front line. As the premier CPA firm exclusively focused on providing services to the Government, we understand the need for efficiency, transparency, and expert solutions. Kearney provides audit, internal control, financial management, fraud detection, and payment recapture services.

We are also a Federal integrator for Amazon, Microsoft Azure, UiPath, Galvanize, Tableau, and other software products that provide ready-to-deploy solutions for COVID-19. At Kearney, we combine our deep technology and financial management expertise with professionals who are trained and certified in Galvanize to deliver award-winning solutions.  Kearney can bring an auditor’s lens to any engagement. It is critical in establishing the internal controls for any new program that they are both designed and operated in a manner that can stand up to a scrutiny of an audit. Only a firm with current relevant audit experience can provide credible advice in this area.

Hands-On, Experienced Data and Financial Management Professionals

Our professionals specialize in providing accounting, auditing, and internal control support services to Federal government agencies, both large and small, while using advanced tools and technology to quickly assist Federal agencies in tracking and overseeing spending in crisis.

Tools, Capabilities, and Past Performance

  • Easy-to-deploy platforms in Amazon, Azure, Galvanize, UiPath, Tableau, and others
  • Ready-to deploy apps and services that provide immediate results within days
  • We provide a variety of capabilities to our clients:
    • Quick and easy cloud-based analytics and reporting platforms
    • Automation engines to bring efficiencies to routine processes
    • Robotics that augment existing workforces already striving to do more with less
  • We have developed proven mechanisms to help our clients track spending:
    • Analytics and artificial intelligence models to detect improper payments, fraud and assist with recapture
    • Risk assessment models and internal control plans to help agencies balance the need to get funding out quickly while being accountable
    • Spending reports and dashboards to track metrics on a real-time basis at both summary and detail levels
    • Tracking emergency spending initiatives, natural disasters, major legislation, and the DATA Act

Kearney-Developed, Ready-to-Deploy Applications and Dashboards

  • Kearney Cares – Executive dashboard that enables a Federal agency to track the CARES Act stimulus payments made and estimate workload with post-payment statistics
  • Kearney Audit as a Service – Rapid audit deployment highly enabled by cutting edge audit technology to provide tracking, control, monitoring, and reporting over COVID-19 resources engaged in emergency efforts. Scope can include Federal workers, ventilators, masks, etc.
  • Kearney Medical Spend App – Analyzes federal spending for the past two fiscal years to better understand and estimate changes in medical spending related to COVID-19 in Fiscal Year 2020. We created Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) and Product and Services Code (PSC) clusters using Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques to identify codes for medical spending.
  • Kearney Emergency Loan Tracker – Analyzes loan spending to better understand the updates required to improve tracking with Covid-19 loans
  • Kearney Facilities Tracker – Allows a Federal agency’s leadership to track on- site staff in various facilities during the COVID-19 pandemic and provide day-by- day comparison to understand trends
  • Improper Payment Detection App – Identifies improper payments and overpayments, using Federal statutory and regulatory requirements. The app models the P2P business process to validate payments made and goods and services received. This app enables Federal agencies to identify, centrally manage, and report improper payments to maximize payment recapture and reduce payment risk.

To learn more about how Kearney can assist your agency, please contact:

David Zavada, Senior Partner: [email protected]

Fola Ojumu, Partner: [email protected]