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My Interview with Kearney & Company Partner Sherry Weir

Kearney & Company Summer 2018 Intern Corey Floyd Interviews Partner Sherry Weir

Throughout my time at Kearney & Company, I have been exposed to many surreal opportunities. Within my first week, I was flown out to Atlanta to assist on a Federal audit. I’ve worked one on one with clients and have been given the opportunity to learn directly from senior management. Kearney has made it a mission to break down the barriers between employees and leadership, and its success became clear to me when I was assigned to interview Kearney & Company Partner, Sherry Weir. With such an impressive resume, Sherry was the ideal interviewee; I knew I would have to make my questions count.

Below are the questions that I asked Sherry, followed by her responses quoted in italics:

Q: What brought you to Kearney?

A: “I was personally recruited by Ed Kearney and a former partner to support Kearney’s move towards technology and consulting.”

Day after day, leadership emphasizes the importance of continual learning. Whether through advanced degrees or certifications, employees are given the tools to succeed in this dynamic environment. Kearney has forged a path in the industry and stays ahead by continually investing in both its current and new employees.

Q: Looking back to when you were in my shoes, did you ever imagine that you’d be where you are today?

A: “Absolutely not – I still pinch myself and consider myself blessed for the decisions I have made in my career.”

Opportunities here are endless. Employees from all levels are given the same ability to attend company-wide workshops and training seminars. Advancing you skills and being noticed is as easy as signing up for an afternoon training.

Q: What are the most valuable traits that you look for in potential new hires?

A: “Curiosity, inclusiveness, and the ability to work as a team. The ability to learn and a commitment to stretch existing skills. The acceptance that everything doesn’t happen overnight and that you will eventually get from Kearney what you contribute.”

Essentially, you determine your pace and rate of success at Kearney. Skills and knowledge can be improved on the job, but you must be curious and accepting in order to prove your initial worth.

Q: What does Kearney offer, that other firms might not, that has helped you succeed throughout your time here?

A: “Kearney’s culture is what sets it apart. Other firms offer training, other firms offer opportunities to learn, but few give you direct access to anyone in the company to serve as someone to provide immediate feedback, support, and encouragement.”

Before being hired by Kearney, I attended an open house at the main office. Within an hour of me being there, Ed Kearney, CEO and Founder of Kearney & Company, came in and spoke to the interns about the company’s culture. He expressed the company’s position on a healthy work-life balance and expressed the motto “work hard play hard.” After near completion of my summer internship, I have seen firsthand that Kearney cares for its employees, and leadership will do whatever it can to ensure that you succeed at the pace you are most comfortable with.

Q: What is one thing you would recommend to a fresh college graduate?

A: “Don’t close your eyes to opportunities to learn and move throughout the company. Don’t classify yourself unnecessarily. Just because you are an auditor today doesn’t mean you won’t be a consultant tomorrow.”

In summary, you probably won’t start off exactly where you want to be. It will take some maneuvering to work your way up, but with time and the desire to learn, you can achieve whatever goals you set forth.

As my internship comes near to an end, I must thank the employees at Kearney for making my experience memorable. I have gained priceless knowledge and built incredible relationships in such a short period of time. I also thank Sherry Weir for taking the time to provide me with advice and answers to the questions above. I hope that these insights will benefit those in my position as much as they benefit me.

This article was originally published on Corey Floyd’s (Summer 2018 Intern) LinkedIn page.

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