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8 Things to Know About Kearney’s Internship Experience

Former Intern Mitchell Lagos Breaks Down the Kearney Internship Experience with 8 Key Tips

1. Kearney & Company is a “Best Place to Work”

At Kearney, all employees (and interns) are treated with respect and there is a true sense of camaraderie in and around the office. Everyone wants to see you succeed, and there are countless resources available to help you reach your goals. Kearney fosters a competitive work environment and even while continuing to grow, we do our best to maintain our “Work Hard, Play Hard” attitude; and we have the awards to prove it!


2. You Will Work on Real Engagements

Our Resource Management team will have already begun working to find the perfect engagement for you before you arrive on your first day of orientation. We take our work seriously and value everything you have to offer. With so many diverse engagements, opportunities to learn and grow are endless.

I had the opportunity to intern with the AOUSC (Administrative Office of the United States Court), which allowed me to travel to both Minneapolis and Detroit with a team to audit the courthouse. Being able to be directly involved in the audit gave me invaluable experience while also allowing me to learn more about the judiciary branch, something I have a lot of interest in. As a result, when I was offered a full-time position with Kearney, I happily accepted a position back on the Courts team.


3. You Will Have a Mentor

You will be given a mentor to communicate with and learn from throughout the internship. You’ll meet with your mentor during the first week of orientation, and have them as a resource to discuss your thoughts and ask questions. My mentor, Nicholas DeGaetani, took the time out of his busy schedule to meet with me on several occasions at Kearney hosted events, but also at a dinner between the two of us. Coming from the IT consulting side, Nick offered great insight on a side of Kearney that I would not have been exposed to if it were not for the Mentor program. I greatly appreciated his guidance and continued to keep in contact even after the internship.




4. You Get to Meet Senior Management

On the very first day, you will have the opportunity to meet our senior management, even including our CEO Ed Kearney!

All of our senior management make an effort to introduce themselves to our interns and are familiar faces around the office. Not only that, you can also expect to see them attend events held by Kearney and the interns throughout the summer!



5. You Can Expect to Give Back

Part of the Kearney Internship involves selecting a charity as a group to raise donations for throughout the summer. Through fundraising events, our interns have been able to raise thousands of dollars, while also having fun doing it! During my internship, our class chose to support the National Military Family Association (NFMA), headquartered in Alexandria, VA. Organized to improve the quality of family life of all military personnel, our efforts included several social events that Kearney employees and NMFA representatives were able to attend.




6.  Networking is Made Easy

There are endless opportunities provided to employees to socialize and network with other Kearney team members.

From Intern Fundraising events to the company Kickball tournament, there will be no excuse to get out there and enjoy yourself while meeting employees from all across Kearney.



7. Location. Location. Location.

Located on Duke Street near Downtown Alexandria, Kearney’s home office is surrounded by great places to eat, socialize, and explore.

Also, commuting is made easy with a metro stop just blocks away and access to free parking at the office.




8. You’re More Than Just an Intern

Being an Intern at Kearney gives you the opportunity to collaborate with industry leaders. You’ll work with the Federal Government and deliver work that is valued. You’ll develop a better understanding of how our company works and our values, all while gaining immeasurable experience and earning a competitive wage. Having been directly involved in multiple audits, I was able to better understand my senior year curriculum and directly relate what I was learning in the classroom back to what I had experienced. The amount of trust and responsibility given to me during my trips allowed me to step outside my comfort zone and devote 110% percent to everything I did, while learning more about myself in the process.

This article was originally published on Mitch Lagos’s (Summer 2018 Intern) LinkedIn page.

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