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Ramsey Johnson Kearney & Company Intern Journal

My Kearney Internship Community Service Event Experiences

Our First Intern Event – 6/28/19

We had our first intern event early in the internship and to prepare we had 2 and a half meetings to plan for our event with the help of Ms. Grace de la Cruz. During our first week we decided that having a spelling bee happy hour would be a fun event for the Kearney and Company employees. This was our first time planning an event for Kearney so it was a learning experience. We had to figure out the logistics of the cost of entry, what we would need, and, of course, the spelling bee words. Having the authority to plan the event, with guidance from Ms. Grace, was a fun experience. I was in the spelling bee words group and did not realize how hard finding enough words to use would be. There were many parts we had to take in to consideration including: how difficult the words would be and at what point during the spelling bee we would use them. Planning this event made me feel like I was so much more than an intern because a lot of people from Kearney told us how excited they were for our event. I felt a sense of responsibility because it was up to us to get people to attend and make sure they would enjoy the event.

By the day of the event we had everything ready and made sure that we also prepared for teams possibly signing up to compete when they got to the happy hour. So many people came out to support us and to meet us and the atmosphere was amazing. All of the people were so nice and wanted to get to know the interns more. The teams got really in to the spelling bee which made it even more fun and it was really cool to see how everything came together after the group of interns planning this event. After the spelling bee was over the employees started talking to all of us and we had great conversations. The people at Kearney are so nice and no matter how high up they are they want to get to know everyone, which is why Kearney is such a great place to work. Even though I am an intern I have talked to so many different people throughout the company and had very genuine conversations with them.

Cornhole and Auctions – 7/26/19

Early during my internship at Kearney, everyone told me that every summer they look forward to the Cornhole event the interns put on. We were informed that it is the event that brings in the most money for our charity of choice, which this year is Semper K9. Another awesome thing about senior leadership at Kearney is that they would offer up something, a pool party or going on a boat, to auction off at the Cornhole event.  Fellow intern, Kentavious (Tay) Rhodes and I started thinking of people to ask to offer item(s) to auction off. Tay ended up meeting with Mr. Greg Cumbey and we ended up having 5 auction items after that meeting.

One big lesson I learned from getting the auction items organized was that I needed write up blurbs on each of the auction items as soon as they were suggested to us. There is a process for getting the blurbs on the flyer, one being that it needs to be checked for grammar and punctuation. Finalizing all the auction items also took longer than I thought, and we only got to advertise them a day before the event. I learned that I need to do as much as possible up front so that once everything is finalized it can be posted immediately. Luckily, we had a big turnout at the Cornhole event, and the auction went extremely well! In the end, we raised a large sum of money and people loved having all these amazing events that they could bid for.  One of the items even included golfing with Brian Kearney! Another example of how the great the Kearney culture is that no matter if you are the COO or an intern, you will have the opportunity to talk to senior leadership at events and have great conversations and I know that does not happen as much at other companies.

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