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Diana Pena-Moreno Kearney & Company Intern Journal

Exhilaration: My Internship at Kearney & Company by Diana Pena-Moreno

Start of Something New – 07/02/2018 

The first day of any internship or job is nerve-wrecking. The anxiety, but also excitement, of meeting new people and working on something unfamiliar is a feeling I fondly remember. Coming into Kearney & Company, I didn’t expect to feel so welcomed; no other job I had ever greeted me with smiles or prepared me for the job with a week-long orientation. What’s more, Kearney provided the interns with the opportunity to network from the very beginning. From breakfast with employees to mini-trips to DC, Kearney ensured us that we felt welcomed and comfortable here. The orientation allowed me to meet my intern class, as well as prepare for the future. As interns of Kearney, we are expected to plan and produce a community service project. After much deliberating, the interns and I decided to support Camp Kesem this year; an organization that dedicates themselves in providing peer support for children with parents who have cancer, or parents who have passed away.

Although we just started interning at Kearney, the intern group has already managed to host a happy hour to fundraise for Camp Kesem. This was the first of many events that are going to be held over the summer, and it was the first event that really allowed me to meet employees at all levels and departments. Arranging the happy hour had its difficulties, mainly because there are so many interns this year. I was frustrated at times because we could not come to an agreement or make a decision. Eventually, I learned that the best way to handle our diverse ideas was to briefly discuss the idea and have a vote so that we could move forward. Fortunately, the happy hour went well and we all enjoyed the experience.

I am looking forward to the next few weeks at Kearney and the events the interns will hold. I am excited to see what projects await me and what skills I will leave with. Already, I feel like I am learning skills that will transfer to any other experience that I have. I have no doubt that I will learn much more along the way whilst being surrounded by an abundance of hard-working individuals.

So Much to Do, So Little Time – 07/19/2018

With only a month of my internship left, I am starting to feel a little melancholy over the prospect of leaving Kearney. I have grown attached to my cubicle where I perform HR/Recruiting work and learn. More than that, I am used to the routine of coming to Kearney each morning and preparing myself for work. Regardless, there is still some time left to gain knowledge and participate in events, and I plan to take advantage of my time at Kearney.

For the past week I worked with Jeremy on the Summer Intern Content videos. I designed a few questions to ask the interns about their experience at Kearney, their favorite events, and plans. Hearing the intern’s’ stories furthered my belief that Kearney is a great place to work. Everyone had wonderful things to say about Kearney; specifically, many of the interns described their nerves at client sites but explained how their peers eased them into the environment and made them feel comfortable. I, too, feel the same way working in the Internal Department. My coworkers support me, and I have enough work where I feel challenged day-to-day but not overwhelmed.

The interns still have a few more events to look forward to, including Camp Kearney, Cornhole, and the Intern Symposium. What I am most excited for is the Cornhole Tournament because previous interns have told me that it is the largest event interns hold and the most enjoyable. I am also looking forward to the Intern Symposium, but I am admittedly a little nervous about speaking in front of Senior Leadership and other teams from Kearney. At the end of the day, my hope is that the interns will be able to fundraise enough money for Camp Kesem to be enjoyable for the children at George Mason’s chapter.

This article was originally published on Diana Pena-Moreno’s (Summer 2018 Intern) LinkedIn page.

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