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SeaPort Enhanced – Quality Assurance

Contract # N00178-05-D-8283

Team Kearney’s ability to monitor and maximize quality of the work performed is based on our quality programs, processes, and procedures.

These programs, processes, and procedures ensure that each contract/TO we perform is delivered in a manner that adheres to our firm’s strict quality standards. As a Certified Public Accounting (CPA) firm and as part of a regulated industry, Team Kearney’s level of quality goes beyond what most firms have to perform due to quality standards placed on it by regulating bodies, such as the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and Government Accountability Office (GAO). Our adherence to these quality standards is supported by independent peer reviews. These reviews are conducted every three years. Since our inception, over 25 years ago, all of the peer reviews performed on Kearney’s quality processes and procedures resulted in positive certification of its quality programs. Team Kearney’s established quality programs, processes, and procedures include:

Management of Contracts and TOs

Team Kearney applies a standard PMBOK-based management approach to ensure that every contract/TO is effectively planned, initiated, executed, monitored, and closed out. Emphasis of our management processes and procedures are to leverage best practices and identify opportunities to improve performance, gain efficiencies, and reduce cost.

Review Work Performed

Team Kearney applies multilevel reviews of work performed. These reviews include continual monitoring and reviewing work throughout the delivery of tasks. Supervisor, management, and executive reviews verify all work is performed in accordance with Team Kearney internal quality control standards. These reviews also include development of Quality Assurance Surveillance Plans (QASPs) in which the work performed is reviewed and measured against applicable performance goals and objectives.

Review of Deliverables

Review of all final deliverables by the QAM ensures we meet contractual and internal quality standards. Additionally, final deliverables undergo independent partner review to provide an impartial assessment that deliverables conform to Team Kearney’s quality standards.

Review Personnel Resources

During the performance of tasks, we continually monitor and assess each resource assigned to ensure that he/she is performing the work at levels required by the task. These reviews include in-progress evaluations, annual evaluations, and post-task evaluations. The purpose is to identify areas for improving work performance and to ensure that assigned personnel are providing the level of service demanded by our customers and Kearney.

Application of Standard Methods, Tools, and Templates

Over time, Team Kearney has developed a library of standard best practices, tools, and templates it has employed in successfully performing contracts/TOs. This library enables TO managers to utilize various proven artifacts to assist in performing work, such as automated workpapers (TeamMate®), automated assessment tools, statistical and analytical tools (e.g., IDEA® and ACL technologies), and workflow analysis tools. The use of standard methods, tools, and templates that are easily and quickly integrated into TO performance provides efficiency gains and cost reduction in the delivery of our services.

Assessment of Customer Satisfaction

One of the best measures of quality of work performed is assessing customer satisfaction continually during the performance of contracts/TOs. The assessments are performed in each monthly status meeting, during monthly executive review of TOs with TO managers, through quarterly formal executive-level customer meetings, and annually in Contractor Performance Assessment Reports (CPARs) evaluations. These various reviews enable Team Kearney to continually measure customer satisfaction with the work performed. During these reviews, Team Kearney identifies opportunities to improve service delivery and/or implement cost-saving measures.