Transaction Processing and Accounting Support

Our quality control standards make Kearney & Company a market leader for providing operational and accounting support services to the Federal Government. Kearney has supported the Army Contingency Travel Pay and Call Center operations and the BRAC mission to consolidate and move workloads to central sites. Kearney has also provided financial services that improved the overall effectiveness and efficiency of financial transaction processing and operations, increased the level of productivity, and demonstrated understanding and adherence to the applicable laws, regulations, and guidance throughout the Federal Government.

Whether your agency needs assistance with the daily processing, adjudication, and entitlement of accounts payable transactions and travel payments, or with the running of a call center, Kearney offers the flexibility of a scalable staff—ranging from 12 to 178 personnel for both short-term and multi-year engagements—and the assurance of metrics that consistently meet or exceed similar reports by our Government peers.