Grants Management

Every Federal agency handles the grant-making process differently. Kearney studies how each agency improves grant-making and management services, integrates grant data with feeder systems, monitors internal controls, and leverages records management and financial systems to support the integrity of the grants-making process. Kearney's professionally trained staff then combines an auditor's approach with practical leadership to transition each customer's grants management lifecycle to an auditable, efficient, and mission-effective program that adheres to applicable financial management laws, regulations, and guidance.

Our team supports each customer with a repository of best practices for policies and processes, internal controls, and quality measures that can be tailored to satisfy each customer's unique needs for:

  • Centralized Grants Management Office support
  • Standard policies and procedures that incorporate Government best practices
  • Implemented and integrated automated systems
  • Complete documentation for all aspects of the program
  • Comprehensive grants management training.