Diversity and Inclusion

Kearney & Company takes great pride in the diversification of its engagements, but the cornerstone of our current and continued success is in the diversification of its employees. Kearney & Company feels that a diverse team brings fresh ideas and new and innovative strategies, which are necessary to thrive in a highly competitive marketplace. Among our ongoing efforts, Kearney & Company demonstrates its dedication to diversity by:

  • Attracting the best and brightest talent
  • Partnering with colleges and universities, professional organizations, and associations
  • Developing inclusion-based training and mentoring programs
  • Ensuring differences are celebrated
  • Maintaining a culture of inclusiveness
  • Offering opportunity from day one so all employees may thrive professionally.

Kearney believes in conducting its business, including all employment decisions, with a policy of inclusiveness, equal opportunity, and non-discrimination. It is Kearney's desire to promote an atmosphere where employees feel included and encouraged to grow both personally and professionally.

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